The Tyrefix Promise

When you choose Tyrefix UK as your partner for tyre repairs and replacements, we make sure that you stay in control of your project, your plant and your costs

You know WHEN we will be on site

We negotiate service levels and response times that are proportionate to your requirements. Our staff all carry ID cards for rapid site access, but for Major Infrastructure Projects, we can set up on-site depots as we did for the London Olympics.

You know WHAT it will cost

We agree prices with Account Holders. There are no catches and no hidden extras – call out costs and all repair materials are all included in our prices . And we get invoices to you electronically as soon as a job is completed.

You know WHAT we will do

We will always do the safest, most appropriate repair for the job. Our aim is to get the site back to work as soon as possible, but safety is always the main consideration. Whether it is an external repair or a complete strip down for internal repair or tube replacement, you are assured of a repair that is going to last. We will never attempt to repair a tyre that our fitter deems to be beyond safe repair, and can provide Photographic Evidence of substantial tyre damage.

You know WHEN we've done it

We’ll send you an electronic copy of the signed job sheet with photographic record of tyre damage.

You know that health and safety risks are managed

Our staff are trained to work safely on site. Our top quality repair jobs will last and will be safe for plant operators and site staff working around them. Naturally, Tyrefix UK fitters are full-time employees and are fully insured.

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