Reporting & Accountability

We add value to your business by giving you a window on what is happening on site in near real time and keeping you in control of the total costs of tyre damage

When you have an Account with Tyrefix UK with an agreed service level, you can have a guarantee of speedy response times, and an assurance that the spares will be available if needed, already on board the vans if necessary.

If you are a new customer without a formal agreement, we will still impress you with our efficiency and the value for money we deliver. You’ll enjoy the same certainty about the quality of a Repair that is going to last.

The reports that we deliver to all customers include instant job sheets, signed on site, with photographic records and instant electronic invoicing. That means you can identify recurring causes of damage and address issues on site, and can allocate costs to a Hirers or Projects.

We understand that tyre damage means idle plant, idle workers and your schedule of works can be disrupted with knock-on effects. Let us help you keep the costs under control.

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